Flavour of the year

Sabor del año 2019

In Mexico “Flavour of the year” is represented by GLOBAL QUALITY CERTIFICATIONS MÉXICO, which mission is specialize in products assessment procedures by consumers and professionals.

Global quality Certifications Mexico is based on Monadia experience in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Italy, with more than half a million tests carried out in 16 years and 300 products rewarded for one year.

Due to the strictness and impartiality in the methodology used, “Flavour of the year” recognition has become the most important taste quality reference and has gained the trust of consumers, manufactures, professionals and distributors of the sector.

Based solely on a comprehensive sensory testing, products are assessed in a blind test by consumers, at independent laboratories specializing in sensory testing.

How can the recognition be won?

Panel of consumers:
• Consumer panel is selected according to their consumption habits.

Blind testing:
• The products are presented without labels in a blind test, without the consumers knowing which brand is which and are assessed without reference to similar products.

Products assessment:
• Five assessment criteria: Overall satisfaction with the product, appearance, aroma, texture and taste.
• Consumers rate from 0 to 10 each criterion telling their perception, positive or negative according to the product that has been tasted.

“Flavour of the year” certification is grated to the products which get the highest rate in its category, always over 7.