What is ISO 9000:2015 certification?


The ISO 9000:2015 series of Standards are a set of statements, which specify which elements should be integrated by an Organization's Quality Management System, and how these elements should work together to ensure the quality of goods and services produced by the Organization.


ISO 9000:2015 standards are generated by the International Organization for Standardization, whose acronym is ISO. This international organization is made up of standardization bodies from almost every country in the world. Standardization bodies in each country produce standards that are obtained by consensus at meetings attended by representatives of industry and state agencies. Similarly, ISO standards are obtained by consensus among representatives of standardization bodies sent by each country.


ISO 9000:2015 Standards do not define what an organization's Quality Management System should look like, but sets minimum requirements that quality management systems must meet. Within these requirements there is a wide range of possibilities that allows each organization to define its own quality management system, according to its particular characteristics.