Congratulations Dr. René Reyes Mazzoco!


In San Marcos we are proud to work with Dr. René Reyes Mazzoco, winner of five medals science and technology “Luis Rivera Terrazas” granted by Congress of Puebla.
On July 13, 2016 Dr. René Reyes Mazzoco received corresponding to the mode of Applied Research and Technological Development presea.
The same doctor acknowledges that the achievements of major technological development are achieved with Empacadora San Marcos S.A. de C.V. Starting plant wastewater treatment based on anaerobic digestion of contaminants present in the wastewater of the company and the solids present in the water discharge. In addition, the biogas they produce are already generating 330 kW of electricity for consumption in Baler San Marcos. And finally, an artificial wetland as tertiary treatment was constructed.,es
Presumably thanks to the work of Dr. Rene Reyes Mazzoco in conjunction with the UDLAP, the cost of the treatment plant wastewater was approximately 10% of the cost of the project had been buying the equivalent technology in the international market , as have other Mexican companies.
The development of purification technology of wastewater derived from the collaboration between Baler San Marcos and UDLAP allowed the project to participate as a successful regional experience in the IV World Water Forum held in Mexico City in 2006.
It should be noted that as a result of all these efforts as a team, our company achieved compliance with discharge parameters that must meet, NOMECOL-002, and passed to compliance with the parameters of the NOM-ECOL-003 with which he increased use of treated wastewater; plus you can approve any international certification in the field of water management.
For all this and what is yet to come, we are proud to work with Dr. René Reyes Mazzoco who is now part of the good.