A lemon and very dry can become rich and juicy if you immerse yourself in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes.
40 min 4 servings


· 2 kg precooked corn
· 1kg pork meat
· 5 guajillo chilies
· 4 Chiles Chipotles San Marcos cans
· 1 tomato
· Salt to taste
· 5 garlic cloves
· 1 bay leaf
· 1 1/2 onion
· 5 chopped radishes
· ½ thinly-sliced lettuce
· Oregano to taste
· 6 chopped lemons
· Chilli powder to taste
· 1 pack of tostadas
· Sour cream to taste


1. Wash the pork meat and the precooked corn. Pour 5lt of water into a pot, add the meat, corn, 3 garlics, 1 onion and the salt. When it starts to boil, add the bay leaf.
2. Rinse the guajillo chilies, blend with the remaining 2 garlics and the Chiles Chipotles San Marcos. Season the sauce in a skillet for 15 minutes. Add to the pot with the meat and corn, let it boil and serve.
3. Serve this delicious pozole with the lettuce, radishes, oregano, chili powder and lemons.

Eat it with a tostada and cream!