A lemon and very dry can become rich and juicy if you immerse yourself in a cup of boiling water for a few minutes.
20 min. 2 servings

· 1 white onion
· Ground black pepper to taste
· Salt to taste
· 1 garlic clove
· 2 Chipotles Adobados San Marcos cans
· 4 tomatoes
· 2 cups shredded beef
· 1 cup Salsa Verde San Marcos
· Sour cream to taste
· 1/2 thinly-sliced lettuce
· 200 gr. fresh cheese
· 2 cups refried beans


1. Place the mix in a bowl and blend with salt and hot water until evenly integrated.
2. Grab some of the mixture in your hand and place it in the tortilla maker to flatten it.
3. Heat the tortillas on each side for a few minutes. Once cooked give shape to the borders.
4. Grind the tomatoes with the garlic and the Chiles Chipotles Adobados.
Fry the onion for a few minutes, add the tomato and season to taste with pepper and salt. Add the meat.
5. Serve the sopes with a base of beans, some of the meat, lettuce, fresh cheese, cream and sauce.